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Bubble Tale is a platform in which to create water bubbles

Bubble Tale is a new platform that comes to Android with all that we usually look for in games of this style. And it is even able to contribute its grain of sand so that you have a different gameplay thanks to those water bubbles that your curious character will be able to generate.

And so we will reach those most difficult sites on this platform that is spoiled enough to show a great pixel art. The truth that also the design of their levels are on par, so we have to be surprised by a new title that we did not know until we tried it. Go for it.

Water bubbles to get anywhere

Bubble Tale

Bubble Tale is a new platform where you will have to help the protagonist reach those impossible places. We have a jump button and another to create those water bubbles that we will use to make our character jump on them and reach those impossible platforms.

That water pump will remain for a few seconds floating until it explodes, so we have to be quick to jump on it and use it intelligently. This virtue is one of the best features of Bubble Tale, since it proposes that we do not leave any area to be explored and that distant platform is attainable if we use the necessary water bubbles.

All this brings us before an addictive gameplay and that hooks from the first moment. Not only because of that virtue, but because the levels are noticed that they are designed by hand when you need to use water bubbles in places that allow us to continue the adventure.

Secret passages and 3 very cuckoo worlds in Bubble Tale

Bubble Tale

Bubble Tale

And so Bubble Tale is presented as a striking platforms in which we have 3 worlds to explore and complete, as are 30 levels that await us to finish them. Exploring those 30 levels and 3 worlds, we will meet final bosses and the possibility of finding hidden places.

Bubble Tale

Bubble Tale

Also try not to leave an area to explore, since surely that hidden secret is there will grant us rewards of all levels. It is also important to master the jumps well and take advantage of the water bubbles to eliminate the enemies.

And by the way, there are very varied and they are placed wisely so we have to go back to start the game again. The music is also curved enough to put the necessary point to generate an experience of platforms that others would most like.