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Android tablets, what are you staying with?

It seems that the tablets are fashionable, and no, I do not mean those of chocolate;) The first to succeed has been how you will all know the iPad, but Android is here with an assortment of most interesting tablets.

The other day we saw in the Free Android the "trailer" of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can remember it here. But this is not the only tablet that will arrive with Android, companies are betting on Android and apparently the tablets are opening a gap in the market. In this article we will see 3 interesting tablets.

We start with the Dell Streak. This tablet is very manageable since its screen is 5 inches. It has a processor 1 GHz SnapDragon, 512MB of ROM, 512MB of RAM and an internal memory of 2GB. Apart from all this, it comes preinstalled with a 16GB microSD.

Having such a small size for a tablet, mount a 5 mega pixel camera and a 1530 mAh battery, which a priori should give a good autonomy.

It doesn't look bad, really, except because it runs the Android version 1.6 and if the version is already a little outdated, when it leaves between September and Christmas it will be even more. Let's trust Dell for an update of the OS version.

UPGRADE: As we can read in Androidsis the Dell Streak will begin to update to Android 2.1 from September 1.

Secondly we have the Adam of Notion Ink. This is a very powerful tablet, 4 models of it will be on sale, 2 with TFT screen and another 2 with pixel screen qi (of each option one is with 3G and the other not) both of 10’1 inches.

Inside this brown beast we find a processedr nVidia Tegra 2 from dual core cortex A-9 and a dedicated GPU For 3D graphics. Besides, it incorporates 2 USB ports, 1 miniUSB, an HDMI output and 3.2 mega pixel camera.

It is rumored that it will feature Android version 3.0, but this is not entirely sure. What is certain is that it will carry a custom interface and your own store called Genesis, but don't be scared since you will also have access to the Android Market. In principle it will be available from November.

Finally we will see a tablet of Sakshat, in principle it is for the Hindu market, but we discuss it here more than anything because of the idea behind the tablet.

This will have the version Android 1.6, a 10-inch resistive screen, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB port, All this for about $ 35. Yes, you read that right, as it is intended for Hindu students and even the Indian government will subsidize it by leaving the final price on about $ 20.

In short, an educational tablet at a very good price, and a way to encourage the use of such devices.

Do you plan to buy a tablet? Which one?