apple watch series 5

4 settings you should change from your Apple Watch as soon as you start

apple watch series 5

One of Apple's most successful devices today is the Apple Watch. When we buy the Apple watch this comes with some default settings that may not be optimal for its operation on a daily basis, that's why we bring you the 4 settings you should change from your Apple Watch before anything else.

1- Updating apps in the background

Default, Apple Watch brings all background updates enabled, so while you are not really using the watch, it is working in the background and therefore spending a battery. Although the Apple Watch battery has improved a lot since its first version, it is not to be wasted, so We recommend that settings which applications in particular are those that you want to work in the background and which do not. In this way you avoid unnecessary processes and you can extend the battery of your watch.
To change this simply follow these steps:

Open the app of Apple watch on your iPhone.

Choose "General", and later “Updating Apps in the Background”. From here you can individually manage each of the apps on the watch.

2- Activate the security features

The Apple Watch has the ability to detect from every fall to abnormal rhythms of our heart rate. That is why It is interesting to activate these capabilities so if we suffer an accident or a heart problem This can notify emergencies or us on time. To manage these utilities you have to do it in two parts.

The first, to activate fall detection:

We open the app of Apple watch on the iPhone and press the tab "My watch".

Press “SOS emergency”.

Activate the button that indicates “Detection of falls”.

Apple Watch fall detection

On the way, It is also convenient to configure the option to keep the side button of the clock to call emergencies which is in this same menu, in this way we will have a quick access in case it has not been activated automatically.

The second, to activate the notifications of rhythm cardaco anmalo:

On the iPhone, open the app Apple watch.

Press the tab "My watch" and then touch "Heart".