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10 things you should do immediately if you have a Huawei mobile

10 things you should do immediately if you have a Huawei mobile 1

Do you have an Honor or Huawei phone with EMUI? You don't know how to take advantage of the company's customization layer? While it is true that EMUI is quite similar to Android, and ultimately, iOS, the layer has a philosophy that can hinder its use by nephites or older people. Changing the launcher or blocking applications with a password are some of the actions that we can carry out among many others that we will see next.

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Install a theme to customize the mobileChange launcher for Nova LauncherLock password applicationsActivate the Find my device optionHide images inside the GalleyActivate system gesturesCapture the screen with three fingersAccelerate animations to make the mobile faster Install the TrueCaller application to block spam calls Install the IFTTT application to create smart routines

Install a theme to customize the mobile

While it is true that EMUI 10 and EMUI 9 have largely restricted the possibility of changing the theme on Huawei Honor phones, the truth is at the moment it is possible, although we will have to proceed through third-party applications.

The application in question is called Themes for Huawei, and We can download it from the Google store. We can also use themes hosted in the Google store itself.

After having downloaded and installed the application, we will only have to select a theme from the catalog to download it on the mobile. We can also change the aesthetics of the system separately: from the icons of the applications to the typography of the system and its appearance.

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To apply the theme we just downloaded we will have to refer us to the Topics section that we can find in the Settings application.

Change launcher for Nova Launcher

We will not deny it, the launcher or launcher that Huawei phones bring by default is something rough and heavy. Although there are many options in the Google store, the one we recommend from is Nova Launcher.

In addition to being a free launcher (it has some payment options), it allows us install icon packs, and even change the system font and expand the size of the applications, among other things.

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To this is added the possibility of creating custom gestures within the screen, hide applications permanently or even create shortcuts for certain routines, not to mention its optimization and fluidity when navigating between applications.

Lock password applications

Although EMUI does not allow us to hide applications or shortcuts, s that we can block applications with an alphanumeric password. If our mobile phone has a face unlock or fingerprint sensor, we can even enable a lock through these methods.