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You can now book Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the world

The day has come when you can book theXbox One X,Well, in the past E3 Phil Spencer talked about Microsoft's new console, its hardware and what it allows them to achieve, because now it starts its journey and you can now Reserve.

Of the first data that Microsoft indicated on Project Scorpio, which is the code name of the console, is that it has a power of6 teraflops,that with his12GB DDR5 of RAM,which allows you to enjoy the best games in 4K and with performance improvements, because the console comes with a very tight price.

But a console is nothing without games, and that is why Microsoft has prepared more than150 games for Xbox One X,which will take advantage of the console's hardware since the day it goes on sale, theNovember 7.Last month there were reservations for the Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X and theseThey sold in less than 24 hours, Well, there are less than two months left so we can enjoy the best gaming experience on Xbox One X.

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