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Xbox incorporates webcam support in the alpha ring

The Microsoft console has not stopped evolving with the years because little by little it has been incorporating all those that the community has requested, as it may be that for some time usersThey can use normal cameras with the Xbox One,Having a Skype application and just video conferencing with Kinect was quite limited.

With the passage of time, and as Xbox One resembles Windows 10 and therefore a PC, iteliminate the limitations of the Microsoft console,how can the keyboard and mouse support be available and nowwebcam support arrives.

This has not been a mere coincidence because users have been the ones who have been asking for this function since with Kinect it was quite limited, in the same way as the Skype application, but with the arrival of Mixer to the Microsoft console, it became more necessary have such support for webcams.

The first users who will benefit from the use of this peripheral will be the ones in the Xbox One alpha ring, although for the moment its use is limited to the Skype and Mixer application, however it is expected that its use will be adapted to the rest of the applications.

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