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WhatsApp can send you reminders of your tasks

Whatsapp It is the meeting place par excellence and we often receive so much information that something always escapes us, or we don't get to everything. Now we can receive reminders of our tasks without leaving WhatsApp.

We can easily achieve this, but not for free, since it is a Premium feature of For those who do not know it is a software available for Android and iPhone, in addition to Mac and Windows that allows us to organize our day in a clear and direct way.

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Now, it launches a new feature and takes us one step ahead of the future, getting WhatsApp users to receive reminders of our tasks without leaving the app owned by Facebook.

The app is called's WhatsApp Reminders, and as we have said, it is a premium feature of With this feature we can achieve that Any message we receive in a WhatsApp chat becomes a task and therefore can carry a reminder.

Imagine that we have to pick up a coat, which is not ours, from the dry cleaner and it closes at 7 in the afternoon. Well, that message in which our family member or friend tells us: "Hey, Sofa pick me up the dyer's coat. Do it before 7 today because they close at that time," it can become the reminder.

Image - WhatsApp can send you reminders of your tasks

To do so, we just have to forward that message to the chat with and automatically They will tell us if we want to make a reminder and what time it is set for the same. We confirm the reminder with total naturalness and ready.

We can also write directly in the chat of something that we should remember such a day, for example, unsubscribe to Netflix so they don't charge us for the new month.

Image - WhatsApp can send you reminders of your tasks

The question is to create reminders in a natural way, since we are used to having more serious and formal reminders. In the end with so many tasks, we end up forgetting many, but this simple and everyday solution can help us.

In this case, receive reminders on WhatsApp, first go through the premium subscription of, but let's not forget that this feature is now available on Telegram for free. Yes, for a few weeks, Telegram can create message reminders with ease.

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