What was the most popular on Twitter for Argentines during 2019

What was the most popular on Twitter for Argentines during 2019

What was the most popular on Twitter for Argentines during 2019 – LA NACION





Twitter compiled the main trends of Argentines in 2019

The end of the year comes and there is little balance, this time, Twitter, which revealed what were the most popular personalities and content on that social network during 2019.

  1. #BTS
  2. #IHeartAwards
  3. #BBMasTopSocial
  4. #Jimin
  5. #MTVMIAW Awards
  6. #KCAArgentina
  7. #Mouth
  8. #Now
  9. #River
  10. #PCAs

Popular artists and creators

  1. Juan Campanella
  2. Agustn Laje
  3. Marcelo Tinelli
  4. Kevin Roberto "Kevsho"
  5. Florence Vigna
  6. Agustn Casanova
  7. Federico Andahazi
  8. Julin Serrano
  9. Lizy Tagliani
  10. Martn Tetaz

Most mentioned tweeters

  1. Juan Pablo Varsky
  2. Reynaldo Sietecase
  3. I summarize it – Jorge Pinarello
  4. Juan Amorn
  5. Daro Gannio
  6. Toms Balmaceda
  7. Fiorella Sargenti
  8. Jos del Rio
  9. Florencia Jimnez – The World of Floxie
  10. Luciano Banchero

Most tweeted music accounts

  1. Bts
  2. Indirect Rock
  3. Frarocanroleras
  4. Mandale Rock
  5. BTS BigHit
  6. Monstax
  7. CNCO
  8. Paulo Londra
  9. EXO
  10. GOT 7

Most tweeted football accounts

  1. Boca Juniors
  2. River plate
  3. Argentina national team
  4. San Lorenzo
  5. Conmebol
  6. Independent
  7. Racing Club
  8. Liberators
  9. Silver Students
  10. Vlez

Most tweeted journalists

  1. Juan Amorn
  2. Eduardo Feinmann
  3. Jorge Rial
  4. Gustavo "Cat" Sylvestre
  5. Angel De Brito
  6. Claudio Savoia
  7. Luis Gasulla
  8. Javier Milei
  9. Juan Alonso
  10. Luis Novaresio

Most used emojis

The emojis preferred by Argentine Twitter usersThe emojis preferred by Argentine Twitter users Credit: Twitter

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