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What is the usefulness of Google Glass? Smart glasses point professional uses

The technological revolution in the professional world is something that does not surprise us, and that for the big companies of the world of technology represents an incredible business opportunity. For example, when it comes to smart glasses, we can ask ourselves: What is the usefulness of Google Glass? And from Mountain Viewnos they will answer that the key lies in professional uses.

As you read it: the information comes through The Wall Street Journal and was replicated by other means in which it is pointed out that a new version of Google glasses will be oriented to the business world, to provide practical support to professionals in sectors such as health and manufacturing.

Unlike what we were used to, the design of this new model is that of a mini-computer connected to a button system designed to adapt to different types of glasses. On the other hand, Google will not make an official launch, distribute the device directly to its software developers to exploit the usefulness of Google Glass in the professional world.

On the other hand, a big point in favor of Google is the decision to make the device modular, extending the scope of the glasses to various fields, likewise, keep them be much easier and we will save extra care querequeriraun wearable.

In addition, considering the cost that Google glasses have more logical to see its use as a working instrument that as a fashionable one, at least, if we are talking about volume of users, well The usefulness of Google Glass in the professional world has already been demonstrated.

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