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Weather radar and forecast, the application of the time you will stay

We love weather applications, they are the most practical, interesting and useful apps of all that you can install on your mobile. Usually each smartphone has one by default, but that is no excuse for not trying more: in the Play Store there are real wonders. Today we have encountered precisely one that has a huge amount of weather radars, something unusual being a free app.

Weather Radar It already says it all in the name: this application represents the weather radars in the interface so that you discover at a glance how adverse the weather is around you. As you know, we are suffering from an altered period in terms of time, which just last week a hurricane arrived in Spain. Well, with Weather Radar you could have kept track of it in detail.

8 Layers of weather radar: Weather Radar offers you very unusual weather information

Weather radar and forecast, the application of the time you will stay

In general, weather radars are usually reserved for payment applications or pre-cost options within the weather apps. That's why it's curious that Weather Radar has 8 different layers with which to cover the broad meteorological spectrum. All without cost; Although there is a paid version that allows developers to monetize their excellent work.

Since radars are the key to the application of time, let's take a look at the ones included in the series:

  • Wind radar.
  • Temperature radar.
  • Humidity radar.
  • Wave radar.
  • Radar of rain and snow.
  • Cloud radar.
  • Pressure radar.
  • Radar of sea currents.

Each of the layers is represented on the global map in the form of different colors and with the option to zoom on any specific point on the globe. They are very well represented, offer the current state of the weather and can be seen in the free application without, at least for the moment, being hampered by advertisements. The pity is that we cannot move forward or backward in the timeline because the radars represent the current moment.

Weather radar and forecast, the application of the time you will stay

Beyond the aforementioned radars, Weather Radar It offers all the weather data you need. Current weather, temperature, moon cycle, forecast by hours and days, has weather alerts, includes weather widgets, you can anchor the temperature to the status bar … Come on, it is super complete and with a very polished appearance: Nice interface, clear data.

Download Weather Radar now: free of charge and with ads

I must say that, although the application warns that it projects ads, I did not get it at any time: I found the application clean and without interruptions. I think it is a very well done app, with reliable data and with the detail of offering a wide variety of radars, it is worth taking a look.

Weather radar and forecast, the application of the time you will stay

If you want to download Weather Radar You have two options: the free app with ads (presumably they come out) or bet on the paid version for 5.99 euros. It is worth that price.