Here are the best themes for Substratum: color your mobile

We tried the best alternative to Nova Launcher that you can find

We tested Hyperion Launcher, a home screen of the creators of Substratum that allows you to maximize customization with excellent performance, we tell you our experience with it.

Hyperion Launcher is a home screen made for customization

Here are the best themes for Substratum: color your mobileSubstratum is the best Android customization engine and we explain how it works.

The main reason for Hyperion Launcher is to know that it has been developed by the creators of Substratum. If you already knew Substratum, surely this first paragraph is more than enough to install it.

In case you don't know what we're talking about, I'll tell you. Substratum is the best customization engine for Android. It is a tool that allows you to modify the complete appearance of the system, including applications such as WhatsApp. It is an advanced tool, but the customization possibilities it offers are incredible.

Knowing that you know what to expect from Hyperion Launcher, the best customization you can have on your mobile, but not as difficult to customize as Substratum.

It is inevitable to feel overwhelmed by so many options as soon as you open the configuration menu, but if you like to modify the appearance of your mobile to the millimeter You will feel you have discovered a wonder.

The organization of the adjustments themselves is perfect and they allow you to make features that any other launcher allows you, such as modifying the animations, the size and shape of the icons or the screen space. We also like to have a menu where we can change the colors of a large number of items on the screen.

Another feature of interest is the possibility of hide applications, a tool that is great to hide all those applications that you do not want to have at a glance out there.

Perhaps the feature that will attract your attention if you like to change the look of your mobile are the profiles. This function allows you to create copies of the designs you create and switch between them. The profile saves the following sections:

  • Wallpaper.
  • Settings
  • Starting screen.

What are the profiles for? For example, we can have a personal profile where we hide all work applications and a work profile where we hide all leisure applications. Similarly, if you are one of those who enjoy changing the design every day but want to keep their previous work this will be a star feature.

Hyperion Launcher is a free application without ads. If that includes the possibility of paying 2.49 euros to unlock the Plus functions. Specifically they are two functions that should not be missing in your device if you are one of those who take full advantage of the capabilities of a Launcher.