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Update EMUI 10 compatible Huawei phone: how to force it


The Asian giant has begun to launch the first stable versions of EMUI 10 for its range of devices. Obviously, many users want to update their Huawei as soon as possible. But, as usual, this process usually comes in batches. In this way, you may have to wait for more from the account. Or not.

And, if your Huawei phone is within the list of terminals that can be updated to EMUI10, but you have not yet received the corresponding patch, there is a trick that will allow you to speed up the process. You don't lose anything to try it!


If your Huawei phone can be upgraded to EMUI 10, this trick will help you

As we said, there are already several terminals that can be updated to EMUI 10 in its stable version. A custom layer in Android 10 and that will allow you to enjoy all the news that comes with the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. Typically, this update arrives through a notification. In this way, the system automatically checks from time to time if updates are available. Although sometimes it fails.

And, this is where it comes in HiCare, an application that is installed by default in any Huawei terminal and that has among its options the possibility of updating your terminal to EMUI 10 as soon as possible. And the process is really simple. All you have to do is open the application, go to the Personal section and select the Search for Updates option. In this way, if your phone is already compatible with the latest version of the custom interface of the Chinese manufacturer, it will be updated in a moment.

As you can see, the process for upgrade your Huawei to EMUI 10 Before anyone else, it's really simple. As we told you, this will only work if your phone is already compatible with this version of the operating system. Don't you get the notification? Be patient and try every day until you are lucky.

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