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Top 5 online tools to create infographics

On the Internet, visual content is more shared than text and that is why infographics and videos outperform text. The big brands have already noticed and have been publishing high quality infographics from time to time, but for people who do not have enough resources to put in the production of infographics, they seem little lost.

If you also have trouble creating infographics due to lack of experience or resources, here are some tools that can help. shawls take a look,

Fact brief : the Infographics are appreciated 21 times more than the text (recent research of slideshare).

1. piktochart

Pikochart is one of the best tools to create online infographics. It offers excellent editing options, beautiful background templates and graphics for data visualization. One more thing that makes this tool stand out among others is that it not only gives you the editing options, but also provides a good breakdown of the steps necessary to create a beautiful infographic.

All you have to do is follow the steps, make the required edition and in the end you will have a beautiful infographic to share with everyone. You can download your infographic or publish it online.

Although there are many things you can do for free, but to make the most of this tool, you will have to go with the paid plans. piktochart Pro starts from USD 29 per month and, for educational purposes, the plan is USD 39.9 per year.

2. is once again one of the most used tools to create infographics. The interface is very simple, all you have to do is register and choose the design of your choice from the available templates for free and start editing. There are tons of editing options, such as adding a graphic, video, images, maps, etc.

Although allows you to create infographics freely and will also be saved there, but to download the infographic in PNG or PDF format, you must register in the PRO account.

The PRO account of infogra.m starts from USD 18 per month.