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This is what you have to do if you want to speed up mobile data

speed up mobile internet slow data

Instagram loads too slow? Have you stopped receiving WhatsApp photographs because your Internet is too slow? Although 4G connectivity offers quite decent upload and download speeds (at least in Spain), there are cases in which it leaves some loose ends along the way. If the problem is derived from our geographical area or from the telephone company itself, little can we do. Otherwise, we can carry out a series of methods and tricks to accelerate mobile data, and therefore, the speed of the mobile Internet.

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Force the 2G, 3G 4G network on your phone Re-register your carrier's APN Change the DNS of your mobile network to Remove the SIM card and reinsert it Do you have a Chinese brand mobile? Watch out for the 800 band Disabling automatic application updates Check out the applications that consume the most data Use a simple browser and Lite applications If none of the above still doesn't work, contact your telephone operator

Force the 2G, 3G 4G network on your phone

Internet speed problems usually come, usually, from the lack of 2G, 3G 4G antennas near our location. The best solution for this is force one of the three networks in our phone to prevent shocks between them.

improve mobile internet

Switching between network modes is as simple as going to the Wi-Fi and Internet section within the Settings application. Next click on SIM and network and finally on Preferred network type. The ideal is to try between the different options offered (only 2G, 2G and 3G, 4G …) to check the effectiveness of the network.

Re-register your operator's APN

The APN, also known as the Access Point Name, is the Internet gateway for our mobile phone. As a general rule, this door is usually configured automatically according to our operator. Unfortunately, The system does not always choose the best way to connect to the Internet.

change android apn

To register again the APN of our operator we will have to refer again to the previous settings. Within the section of SIM and network we will click on our SIM and We will select the Access Point Names option immediately. Finally we will eliminate the existing network and create a new one based on the information that we can find in the table that we will leave next. The information may vary depending on the operator we have hired.

First name
APN Vodafone vodafone vodafone
APN LOWI in white in white
APN Orange / Amena orangeworld orange orange
APN Eticom internetmas in white in white
APN Yoigo Internet in white in white
APN Simyo in white in white
APN Jazztel jazzinternet in white in white
APN Jetnet in white in white
APN Msmovil / Parlem internetmas in white in white
APN Happy Mvil (customers since 12/05/2015) internetmas in white in white
APN Happy Mobile internettph in white in white
APN Pepephone in white in white
APN Oceans in white in white
APN Telecable telecable telecable
APN Ono in white in white
APN R in white in white
APN Carrefour Mobile CARREFOURINTERNET in white in white
APN Eroski wap @ wap wap125
APN Tuenti Mobile tuenti tuenti
APN Lebara in white in white
APN Llamaya moreinternet / internetmas in white in white
APN LycaMobile lmes plus
DigiMobil APN in white in white
Youmobile youmobile youinternet in white in white
APN Hits Mobile in white in white
APN ON (Mobile Networks) lcrinternet (in white in white
APN Wifi Gomera in white in white
APN VADAVO VADAVO in white in white

Data extracted from Wikibandaancha.

Having applied the relevant changes, we will restart the phone so that the network change is carried out correctly.

Change the DNS of your mobile network to

Roughly, a DNS address is a type of system integrated into networks whose sole purpose is to translate the IP addresses of web page servers to addresses that our phone can understand. That is, if the IP address of is, the DNS address will try to translate this same address into the domain For this reason, choosing a good DNS address is paramount if we want to reduce wait times when we surf the Internet from our mobile.

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