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The Two Acer Tablet with Android, dual core and 7 and 10 inches

What a surprise, already rumored, those of Acer have given us this afternoon. A bombshell, especially at the hardware level (although it also has buts) since as for the software nothing is known, nor they themselves will know what to put, if Android 2.3 or Honeycomb 3.0, because they have announced them now, but until April 2011 they will not leave, a little before their rival the Blackberry PlayBook and on the same dates as the next version of the iPad.

They have presented two alternatives, and it seems that they have done so by looking at what people ask for, there are two audiences, who like the 7 "tablets and those with 10" and of course with what the market already demands, powerful processors. But let's see them in more detail to be able to make an assessment.

In addition to these two tablets, they have shown their intentions and the purpose of creating their own app store, which will also be music and a repository that mixes games and other services. A badulaque or stall that does not benefit anyone, we have enough with Android fragmentation so that we have thirty markets different and for each device. The green banknotes will accompany in the beginning, but their brand image will change from green dollar to brown poop if they take that path.

10 ″ and 7 ″ Acer Tablets (The name of the models not yet specified)

As you can see in the title they have 10 ″ and 7 ″ multitouch screens with an impressive 1280 x 800 resolution and a 1Ghz dual core processor for the 10 ″ (eye to data) The undetermined model and another 1.2Ghz CPU for the 7 ″ model. They have all the connections that a mobility product like this should have: Wifi, DLNA, 3G and HDMI output. At the moment to remove the hiccups, in fact, we can already discard and forget about netbooks as the intermediate step between the mobile and a laptop or desktop and in a very short time, put everything together in the same sauce.

We continue, both carry a camera 5 megapixels capable of garbar in HD and a front for video calls (it's just in case of telephony and gadgets)

And this is all, almost nothing. As always there will be those who say that it is little, who falls in love, who does not know how to decide because they do not know what the battery is like (the Achilles heel of these megacacharros) or who simply waits for a patient to try one on their hands or see how the market evolves because until April there is still much to see, but what we see, we already like it, and more if it has Android.

Via: Engadget