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The battle mode of Mario Kart comes to Android with this car game

Crash of Cars is a simple but straightforward game: collect crowns, take them off from other cars and destroy other players before they do it with you.

Car games are a classic of our Android, and exist since there are games on our platform. And we all had at some time a racing game of the classics, in which the first to arrive in a circuit or a sprint.

But that does not mean that racing games cannot have a twist. We will always welcome new ideas for games that are different. And Crash of Cars is a slightly different and fun game that It reminds us very much of Mario Kart.

A game that reminds the battle mode of Mario Kart

A game that reminds the battle mode of Mario Kart

Have you ever played with friends, or against the machine, in this way of Mario Kart in which we have to catch balloons while protecting ours? This game is exactly that, because we have to collect scattered crowns all over the map while we rob the other players. And all this, of course, with the tension of watching that nobody steals from us.

The operation of the game is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier. Press to the left of the screen to move to the left, press to the right to move to the right. When we have a weapon, a bubble will appear to activate what we have touched in the box. And the grace of all this is that the rest of the players are also real, it's a multiplayer game.

Crash of cars

On the other hand, and although it adds to the fashion of .io games, also has reminiscent of other titles like Crossy Road. For example, cars touch us randomly and are paid with coins that we can win while we play, or that they give us from time to time. Of course, in this we find a virtual currency for which you have to pay, so beware of in-app purchases.

In any case, Crash of Cars can be downloaded for free, and is available on Google Play.