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Super Mario Run for Android is updated with achievements on Google Play

The popular game Super Mario Run for Android has been updated implementing the achievements in Google Play and increasing the number of Toads among other novelties.

Contrary to what happened with Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run fever has been much faster when consumed. Although we can enjoy it after finishing the 10 worlds that the game consists of looking for the different colored coins.

Now the first update of the game on Android devices arrives at the Google Play Store although the improvements are not really spectacular and perhaps more than one may seem entirely insufficient.

More Toads and achievements with Google Play Games

So far the maximum number of Toads that we could have living in our kingdom and that will allow us to build more things was 9,999. Now we can have 10 times more, 99,999 although it will not be an easy task.

The integration with Miitomo has been included so that we can use our user of that game as an avatar in this one although obviously for that we will have to have installed the other Nintendo game, which is not available in all countries.

Google Play achievements have been implemented although it does not seem that synchronization using the Google platform will serve as an option to the Nintendo account.

Some game behaviors and graphic improvements have also been improved.

These changes are quite minor and do not solve the main criticism of the game. And no, we do not talk about its price, but its duration, unless we dedicate ourselves to trying to achieve each and every one of the worlds coins.

Even if you have not tried it yet, we invite you to download it and enjoy at least the first three phases that are free.