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Snapchat Cameo allow you to add your face to a GIF

Perhaps the name is the most appropriate since it says it all about a characteristic as peculiar as the one that Snapchat will launch in a matter of days. Cameo will allow us put our face in more than a hundred GIFs.

It is a filtration that arrives directly from the source of this article. Here we are told that Snapchat is preparing a new function and that it will be released in the form of an official Snapchat update on December 18 worldwide (Android and iOS).

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Snapchat filters have a lot of impact, we still remember some like the baby face, the sex change, and several more. This is why Cameo can be a "boom" in social networks, and more in the case of GIFs with what this type of content likes.

To make use of Cameo in our Snapchat app, we must update the app to its latest version, then enter and select Cameo. Now they will ask us for a selfie, and this selfie cutout is what you see in the almost 200 GIFs that we have in the Snapchat gallery.

Image - Snapchat Cameo will allow you to add your face to a GIF

We can put our face in a singing parrot, throwing bills, running, crying, sleeping, etc. The issue is to become the protagonist of that GIF and share it on social networks like Instagram or Twitter.

But behind Cameo there is a research background, since it is the culmination of a research project that Snapchat has carried out in the field of augmented reality for improve existing features in facial recognition and in face tracking.

So after knowing the main details of Cameo, and know how it works, just wait until December 18 and see if we have received the update for put our face in more than a hundred GIFs.

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