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Smartphones that will not have WhatsApp support in 2020

WhatsappImage: Bigstock

The speed at which the development of mobile phones progresses as well as the popularity it has Whatsapp It has led to this platform to be constantly updated and therefore, from time to time it stops providing that service to different smartphones because they lack the necessary characteristics to support its characteristics.

That is why many mobile devices remain
obsolete to use this application, so it is usually announced with time to
the users, so that they can take the necessary measures.

In fact this year WhatsApp had already mentioned several months ago that as of February 2020, different smartphones stop having updates It prepares for the rest of the devices.

Smartphones without updates

For this, the instant messaging platform has published a list of those devices that will be affected and that will be the Android devices whose version of the operating system is prior to the 2.3.7, while in the case of devices that use iOS, the affected devices will be the ones before iOS 7.

In the case of production years, in the case of those of Android they are those launched in 2011, while in the case of the Apple, they are for those of 2015. These devices together with the Windows Phone, will definitely be without the support of the platform , to access its functions.

What can be done?

If that the user is affected by this decision
WhatsApp, if you want a free messenger service, you must opt ​​for
other apps available in the market.

How to know if the smartphone is
on the list?

For whom it is
have smartphones with Android system, just access the menu in the section
Settings and select the option About
phone, where the system version
installed installed.

of the iPhone, you should look in the General section of the Settings menu and
select the Information option to access the iOS version data of the

And, as they explain from the
own platform on the consequences of this decision, because we are no longer developing the
application for these operating systems, some of the functions may
Stop working at any time. What will happen after 1
February next year and leave the user unable to use the famous service
of messenger