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Save Free Fuel, an Essential App for Da Da Da

Now that there are difficult times for everyone, our iPad offers us very interesting resources when it comes to saving on expenses, something that suits us all very well. In Atom Studios They are aware of the interest of this type of applications and now they offer us Save Fuel Free, the free version of its popular application Save Fuel, analyzed a few months ago on iPadizate.

Save Fuel Free

The first thing to note about this interesting application is that, unlike other free applications, it offers 100% of the content of its older sister. There are no restrictions or limitations for being free, except that it presents advertising when using it.

The database is updated every day, being one of the few, if not the only application of this category, which is updated so rigorously. We have checked the prices by visiting several gas stations, and the prices are nailed.

Let's see how the app works: Every time we open it, and every 24 hours, download the updated database. It also has a manual refresh button to update whenever we want. Using GPS (don't forget to allow access) Indicate on a map the nearest gas stations (within the radius that we specify in the options) with their prices, schedule and location.

Touching in any of them open Google Maps and take us step by step to the gas station so we can refuel. In addition the map can be navigated manually and enlarged to full screen to be able to gossip the nearby gas stations.

A table show us the complete list of gas stations found in our area, and order them from lowest to highest price, so finding the best gas station is very easy. In the example that we have done, the app saves us almost 0.1 per liter, so in a refueling of a normal car, 50 liters, we will save a whopping 5. If you refuel once a week imagine the annual savings, they are almost 260 a year just by using this app, which is also free. A bargain!

If you really like and save money, we recommend that you support initiatives as good as buying the full application, available on the App Store.