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Samsung Galaxy Tab available with Orange in the points program

It's already "available" (visually in the online store) it's great Samsung tab already analyzed here, with Orange, ready to face Vodafone who came forward in his presentation. For starters we will find some differences, such as that in Orange they do not offer availability dates and is only available to freelancers and companies and not for individuals. Stupidities of Orange.

At the moment it is only available for points, which is appreciated, since I consider it a gesture towards those who are already customers, something that rarely occurs among operators that reward portability. They also do not specify the plans

What is clear is that there are many points, I do not know anyone (with multi-page invoices) that has so many points to make it profitable, if the common mortals can access € 399 or € 339.

With respect to the associated rates, there will obviously be a mandatory data, which may well be a specific dolphin type 59 (let's not forget that it is a mobile and can carry plans of you) or some of its own such as the ipad, but it does not matter, surely when you call to ask they tell you that they do not have it in stock. What a novelty.

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Finally remind you that Today is the last day to be able to vote (or others …) for Bitácoras Awards. The deadline closes at 23.59 tonight.

It goes without saying that we are completely stunned and grateful for the samples of affection that you have given us with your support in the form of votes, which have achieved that during the 5 weeks that we have been voting, let's be the first ones continuously in the "Technological Blog" section. Thank you.

But, we want to curl the curl and we ask one last effort to the readers who have not voted for us, we want to win, because we all win, editors and readers, and even Android. And because we will celebrate it with you, go if we celebrate.

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