Review and thorough analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Android tablet facing the iPad

Review and thorough analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Android tablet facing the iPad

We have been able to have the Samsung Galaxy tab for more than a week and I wanted to share our impressions and analyze this tablet until its last consequences, the good, the bad, the interior and the exterior, so that if you are in the hard decision of whether to buy a or not, we can definitely get you out of doubt.

First impressions and unboxing

The box where the tablet comes from is small, and the first time we see the tablet (accustomed to the iPad) it also seems small, a large phone would say me. In the box comes a charger, consisting of the plug socket and the USB cable, which connects to it, and some discrete headphones in terms of quality. Simple and well presented, no frills.

Just take the tablet we sorlight how light it is, and above all to be able to grab it with one hand, key factor, because after a week of use, I have been able to conclude that its great advantage is precisely its screen size, its mobility, the ability to take it anywhere, not already saved, if not in the same hand, Without disturbing, clouding or heavy, it is like a large purse.

But of course, the sacrifice that is made to have a very good weight 400 gr (in comparison with the iPad, is lighter too) is that its cover and exterior construction are made of plastic, of good quality, but after all plastic. The buttons are not very well located, especially the unlock and on / off, which is located on the side, not on the top as almost all manufacturers have accustomed us.

The blank back is very pretty and unlike the ipad, (I always put it as an example because I think it is what most interests people and what they already know) the back offers us security and invites us to pose it, In fact, the whole gadget invites us to use it, instead of looking at it. The form also helps, that the aspect ratio is 16: 9 instead of 4: 3 favors manageability a lot.

Hardware: Power, Display, Speed, Multitasking

We will remember the technical characteristics of the Samsung Tab, and analyze them. To start I want to highlight the four buttons common to android on the front; Menu, Home, Return and Search, they are tactile buttons and they work very well, they respond without problem and almost go unnoticed, although we must be careful not to press them without wanting to be so sensitive if we are doing another task. Maybe you can miss a physical button as in the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S or a trackball / trackpad as in many other Android. The screen, criticized both for its size and for not being AMOLED or SuperAMOLED, I have to say that it looks great, it is a WSVGA 7-inch TFT-LCD (1024 x 600 pixels) that although it does not reproduce such bright colors, it has nothing to envy to others of its kind, the answer it offers is good, although not excellent in the section of sharpness, although it responds excellently to the touch.

The processor is a Cortex A8 1Ghz and PowerVR SGX540 GPU with 512 MB of RAM that moves with a lot of ease, especially in compromised situations such as HD video playback or graphics in games, where it becomes a wonder, and a real console with many possibilities. The work in this regard is incredible, and I can say that Samsung is still a pioneer in terms of hardware and power, and that well conducted, in this case with Android 2.2 give some incredible results especially in multitasking, leaving the iPad in panties in this regard. It is almost a netbook and we have almost no limits, except that we put the applications themselves, but the good thing as I say, is that I have not seen him falter at any time, and as much use and with as much stress as I can give him, I think that few people, as if proof bombs

The sound reproduction is very good and especially when we want to watch YouTube videos in maximum quality since it has support for Flash. The option to include a sd card, only expands the possibilities to install more applications or save files, since in many occasions I am sure that the laptop will be sacrificed for carrying this tablet, and the ease of management in front of a phone, for very little space or extra weight, the manageability we acquire is more than remarkable.

3 mpx rear camera It is very discreet and when you can see it on a large screen, you realize its deficiencies especially in terms of noise, but hey, I understand that it is more an emergency complement In case we want to share something punctual, not the front camera for video calls, just in terms of resolution but that meets its objective.

It's also a phone, yes, it has the possibility of making voice calls, obviously hands-free, and video calls (When Skype integrates it into the application it can be brutal) And even if you don't believe it, this option can be used more than you imagine, for two reasons, one, because companies almost force you to have a voice rate on their plans and it would be absurd not to take advantage of it, and 2nd, because it is used and it works very well. I put my Vodafone SIM and of course, calls inevitably came to me, and the truth is that I was very pleased with the good use that could be given, in fact, the tablet fits in my inner pocket, and a couple of days I have gone without phone, just with her.


It is a subject that is quite interested in new electronic devices, and it is not for less due to its shortage. From the outset I have to comment that it is not the same as an iPad without 3G, it should be compared in the same way, as well as in the price (which many people compare but do not take into account all the variables, including the price of a Free device is always higher if it is already offered subsidized by telephone operators). During the week that I have been using it I have had 3G always activated and alternated with Wi-Fi networks, and cWith a very intensive use, games of more than two hours, videos, multitasking, chats and many many mails, I have managed to finish it in a day of more than 18 hours, so it is a normal, even wide use, it can last two without problem, and if we use it halfway between the phone and the laptop, surely three. The difference with the iPad is not huge, although if large, Apple is better in this regard for a couple of points.