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PUBG Mobile add a death race mode in the next update

PUBG Mobile

This weekend, the PUBG Mobile World Championship in Malaysia, where we found a single Spanish-speaking team, Team Cheese (composed of Argentines). During one of the different breaks between departure and departure, the company behind which PUBG Mobile is located took the opportunity to announce one of the next news that will come to the game.

We are talking about Rage Gear. This mode is a death race between different vehicles, where the last one who manages to keep his vehicle from enemy fire survives. Rage Gear allows us to choose between three vehicles: UAG, Dacia and buggy. Each of them has different endurance, health and speed.

But in addition, they also include different weapons with which to try to eliminate our enemies. In the case of UAZ is the M249 machine gun. The Dacia incorporates a grenade launcher while he tries to get rid of the enemies with an RPG. This game mode was filtered a few days ago, so we already have available a video of how this game mode will be, video that you can see on these lines.

PUBG Mobile has become, thanks to Tencent's good work, a golden egg hen. This title sand will continually update by adding new game modes, game modes that are gradually being used more than the battle royale, the game mode with which it reached mobile devices, after passing through the PC, in March last year.

The PC version is always the first one that receives the main novelties that are implemented in this title, in terms of gameplay, such as the grip of cornices, the launch of objects in addition to incorporating since its launch a colorblind mode, colorblind mode that will reach the mobile version throughout 2020, as announced by the company at this event.

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