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Prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab with Vodafone

We are at the press conference at the SIMO in Madrid and the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab have already been made public. As we knew it will come from the hand of Vodafone on October 18. Pre-registrations will open shortly on the vodafone page


There are different prices

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In summary,

  • There are two options With Financing or Without. All prices are with 18 month permanency contract.
  • Prices range from € 199 until the € 349
  • (Updated) Funding is for 18 months. That is € 180 additional
  • (Updated) Gold flat rate accepts Tethering and IP voice
  • (Updated) Only available for Vodafone customers, it will be available with points coming soon
  • (Updated) All rates have tethering
  • (Updated) If you exceed the quota, you will Slow down but no more is charged
  • (Updated) Voice rates apart. The flat rate is internet only.

The tablet

If you have been abducted this last month and you still don't know what the Galaxy Tab is, then you are already reading our complete article on that device.

Upgrade: Vodafone confirms that when it comes out Android 3.0 will update the tablet.

And now a video we have made, to open your mouth