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Photos of Realme Buds Air's rival indigo AirPods leaked

Realme Buds Air be available in three color options, including black and yellow (Image Credit: Mukul Sharma / Twitter)

The truly wireless headphone market is about to be filled with another brand that enters the segment. And it is none other than Realme, to present his "Buds Air" on December 17. While the company has already caused a couple of truly wireless outbreaks in the past, we are now seeing the first glimpse of the Buds Air, courtesy of the tipster Mukul Sharma. A new set of images shows what the "Buds Air" seems to be, along with its few anticipated features.

We have known for quite some time that Realme was working on a pair of truly wireless headphones. But thanks to a new escape, we know they are real. While we know they sound, but we do know that the focus is on ease of use and solid connectivity. Surprisingly, this new pair of truly wireless headphones does not look different from the classic Apple AirPods.

But there are some key differences. Unlike AirPods, which are limited to a white option, the Buds Air will be available in three color options, including black and yellow. In addition, the Buds Air will have 12mm speakers, built-in support for the Google Assistant's voice-based assistant, as well as music playback with touch control and calls. In addition, they also support Bluetooth 5.0, along with the ability to automatically pair with a previously paired device.

Realme, Realme Buds Air, wireless headphones Realme Buds Air, rival of Realme AirPods, release date of Realme Buds Air in India Really Buds Air compete with Apple AirPods. (Image credit: Mukul Sharma / Twitter)

The leaked posters did not reveal the price of Realme's first truly wireless headphones, but the company will probably announce them next week. Expect the Buds Air to cost about Rs 5500. Together with the Buds Air, the brand will also launch the Realme XT 730G. Both devices will officially launch on December 17 in India.