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Now they are Navy officers who will have mocked feminist dance; Semar and reaction

  • The choreography that the Chilean feminist collective La Tesis present has gone around the world and has been replicated by many other groups.
  • There are those who have made fun of this social action and at the same time it happened in the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico.
  • The institution responsible for national security has reacted and failed the facts, says to investigate.

The current news situation has its eyes and attention on the conditions of insecurity that permeate in general, but especially in the case of femicides, hate crimes and also crimes against vulnerable groups.

After in Chile the protests for feminist causes led to the creation of a collective choreography and a song entitled "A rapist in your way", which shouted "The rapist is t", seeks to make visible the problem of feminicides and crimes of hatred in general, the slogan achieved resonance in many countries, including Mexico, where on November 29, hundreds of women gathered in the Plaza de la Constitucion to replicate the song created by the Las Tesis collective.

But not all voices have joined this sort of nascent anthem for feminist causes, at least not with solidarity, but some do so with sneer, as demonstrated when the video of some soccer players of the Mexican soccer team Amrica was leaked who make fun of the song and the choreography.

The issue went viral at the time and the club's director had to offer apologies. And now it seems that since a Mexican government has made fun again of the song and the causes that generated it, it is the Mexican Navy Secretary of the Navy, which should precisely be focused on the safety of people and not in making fun of them.

Through the social networks a video circulates in which supposed officers of the Semar mock the dance, in a very similar way as the young soccer players of the Amrica did.

Given this, the Secretary of the Navy issued a statement in which she pledged to find out the facts, while reproving facts that violate human rights and discrimination against persons by her officers.

In crises in institutional credibility, it is not only brands that are exposed to discredit, but also government agencies, which have even more responsibility when it comes to good actions.

But in the case of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico, the aggravating situation can be worse, since it is an institution that has among its main responsibilities to ensure and ensure the safety of people.