Nokia locks the bootloader of their phones with the August security patch

Nokia blocks its mobile bootloader with its latest monthly patch

It seems that Nokia has declared war on the intrusive modification of its phones. If you are a user who likes to modify your Nokia by unlocking the bootloader, installing custom ROMs and so on, Don't update to the August security patch. You will find yourself with an unpleasant surprise.

This patch completely block bootloader access, making it impossible to unlock it. This has unleashed the fury of certain users as it is a drastic measure that does not hide when going against the modification of their devices.

09/28/2018: Nokia allows you to unlock the bootloader on Nokia 8

One of Nokia's top executives has confirmed that it is now possible to unlock the Nokia 8 bootloader through its website. Remember that after this process, what you do with the mobile is your responsibility, and not Nokia.

It is expected that in the coming weeks they will open this possibility to the rest of the brand's mobiles. We will keep you informed in each update.

If you wanted to unlock the bootloader on your Nokia, the August patch will prevent it

This has been confirmed by some users through social networks, which after updating to the patch this August, They have seen that they could not unlock the bootloader. If you had it unlocked before this does not affect you, since this patch does not block the starter again, but if not, if you update you will not be able to do anything.

You can make a downgrade using fastboot to enter the July patch again. While it is true that the modification in Android at these levels is not as widespread as years ago, it is very striking that Nokia (HMD Global) has decided to do this without notifying its users, going totally against these types of modifications after contradictory positions.

Nokia locks the bootloader of their phones with the August security patch

Almost a year ago since HMD Global promised a tool to unlock the Nokia bootloaders, and there have been many occasions in which it first claimed to be against these modifications (it makes sense since its entire family is Android One) and then It positioned itself in favor, confusing users.

Actually, the number of users who are complaining about this fact is not very high. A request was made on for HMD to rectify and allow bootloader unlocking of its devices, but the request reached only 700 signatures. Does it really make up for unlocking today, especially if it is an Android One phone (which ensures 2 years of security updates)? Only users have the answer to that.