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Microsoft Math Solver, the app that solves math problems and shows the steps

Microsoft Math Solver, the app that solves mathematical problems and shows the steps – LA NACION





Microsoft Math Solver, Photomath and MalMath, among others, are applications that solve equations by recognizing handwritten strokes Credit: Shutterstock

public Math Solver, a calculator for Android and iOS capable of
solve a problem using the phone's camera to recognize the paper strokes and transform them into an equation. But in addition to resolving the accounts, it shows the intermediate steps, which allows students to understand how this result was reached.

It is not the first application to do something like this:
Debut Photomath makes five years with a similar mission; MalMath provides a similar tool to mobile options
It also adds a web version.

An aggregate that Microsoft promises to differentiate itself is the possibility of practicing in the same app how to solve such equations, to try to neutralize
the complaints that this type of applications generate; The discussion is between those who only serves to copy the steps and do not learn to solve it on their own, and those who consider it can be useful to show them what is the logic to solve these equations.

Of course, being unable to solve any problem expressed in words. We must also review that
The application recognizes the problem correctly in all its terms and implements the appropriate steps to follow to find the solution.


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