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Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus: the biggest rivals of AirPods Pro?

Apple AirPods Pro are sweeping because they are impressive, with substantial improvements over the previous ones, including noise cancellation or water resistance. But there are other options at your height, such as the Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus model that also offers you noise cancellation and a great autonomy, among other incredible functions. So you have no doubts about what to buy, here is our comparison of these two headphones as good as they are expensive.

Design and adjustment

Master and Dynamic MW07

Like it or not, the design of Apple's AirPods is definitely an icon, and that continues with the AirPods Pro. Although we don't love the look, there's no doubt that the shape of the antenna as a tee Golf makes them simple to place, and even easier to use thanks to the conveniently accessible touch controls that require only a few taps to control playback and Siri. But the biggest update for the AirPods Pro is the removable headphone pads that fit easily and offer a much more stable fit than the original AirPods.

The MW07 Plus maintain the same “handmade acetate” design of their predecessors, which, like the AirPods, is iconic. We think they are elegant and you can even add masks to change their appearance. And, more importantly, the three-button controls (two on the left handset and one on the right) greatly facilitate the control of everything from playback to song skipping. And even if you can't call your hands-free voice assistant as with the Apple buttons, they come with something that the AirPods don't have: the integrated volume control.

While volume control is a great advantage, the hands-free option with Siri of the AirPods allows iPhone users to control the volume. In addition, while both pairs of headphones offer a comfortable and solid fit, the AirPods are easier to put on and take off than the MW07 Plus because of their fin and pad design. This category is something subjective, so we give a draw.

Winner: tie

Features and battery

master and dynamic mw07 plus ry 4 768x768

Apart from the volume control, the characteristics of both headphones are quite similar. Both offer water resistance (IPX4 for AirPods Pro, IPX5 for MW07 Plus), ambient mode to listen to the world around you, sensors to pause the sound and noise cancellation to isolate you from your surroundings.

Where the MW07 Plus really are better is in the useful life of the battery. Frankly, they aren't even close. While the AirPods Pro offers only 4.5 hours per charge (24 hours in the charging case), the MW07 Plus offers 10 hours per charge and 40 hours in the case. AirPods Pro should rarely cause problems, as they are constantly charged in the case, and can be quickly charged to give you several hours of playback in a matter of minutes. But over time, this can wear down the battery and affect its durability.

Because of its incredible battery life and impressive set of features, the MW07 Plus win here.

Winner: MW07 Plus

Charging case

master and dynamic mw07 apple airpods pro best headphones 2019 768x768

It is difficult to beat Apple when it comes to minimalist design, and that is perhaps more evident in the company's cargo cases. The elegant case of the AirPods Pro is one of the easiest to carry in your pocket. The magnetic charge holds them in place (although it may be a bit difficult to remove them for those with large fingers), and you can quickly open the lid with a movement of your thumb. In addition, unlike the MW07 Plus, the AirPods Pro case can be charged wirelessly.

The brilliant steel charging case of the MW07 Plus is undoubtedly very attractive, and it is also very easy to carry in your pocket (although it is larger than the case of the AirPods Pro). That said, the mirror finish is a magnet for both fingerprints and scratches, while headphones are difficult to seat properly with the integrated rubber fins. The MW07 Plus case offers more battery, of course, but for the rest, Apple is the clear winner.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Noise cancellation

master and dynamic mw07 apple airpods pro review thumb 768x768

We were surprised at the effectiveness of the noise cancellation of the AirPods Pro. Like the Sony WF-1000XM3 (which is better is a difficult decision), they offer silence as soon as they connect, even when faced with loud noises such as those of the vacuum cleaners.