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List of free apps for Chromecast streaming video access

One of the users that can be given to players Chromecast is to access the contents to streaming video services that currently exist. We show the available applications that are free and that do not give any problem with the Google product.

The truth is that currently it is almost a indispensable requirement that an application of a platform that allows you to watch video in the cloud (including movies or series), offers a development for mobile devices that allows viewing content anywhere using the Chromecast player, which is one of the most recommended Currently due to its good quality / price ratio.

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The use in all cases is the same: in the Interface of the application, a screen shaped icon -generally in the upper area- that you press and show the available Google players. The desired one is chosen and, then, the signal is automatically sent to the Smart TV simply by starting playback regularly. Ace of simple that's it.

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Applications for Chromecast streaming video services

Next, we leave the list of options they offer native compatibility with the player we are talking about and, therefore, that offer an additional possibility when enjoying content. All developments they cost nothing to get them, and in some cases it is necessary to have a paid account to access the reproductions. This is the list:


An application that allows access to one of the largest databases of movies and series that exist today, and with a quality that is beyond doubt. Simple to use, it is necessary to have a payment account to enjoy all its possibilities.

Netflix logo



RTVE Mobile

With this development compatible with Chromecast it is possible to access all the programming that it offers in public, either what is broadcast live or what is in its gigantic archive. Simple to use, the interface is quite intuitive and has no problems of use.

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