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List of accessories for the very useful 16-inch MacBook Pro

It is possible that you have in mind to get the new model of the laptop 16-inch MacBook Pro. If so, there are some accessories that are quite useful and that allow to increase the utility that the computer of the Cupertino company has. We show several that we believe are of great help for their good quality.

It is true that the equipment of the American firm includes everything necessary to use it from the moment it is removed from the box. But, as with all laptops, it is possible improve usability that these offer with some accessories (beyond an additional mouse so that it is not the touchpad that you have to use to manage this element in the macOS operating system).

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By the way, all the products you can find in this article they work perfectly both with the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the rest of the latest generation models offered by Apple in the market (provided the dimensions are a crucial element for use).

The recommended accessories for the 16-inch MacBook Pro

We leave below, the different products that we believe you should value when making use of the Apple laptop we are talking about, since they offer a quality That is beyond doubt. In addition, because they improve and increase the functionality offered by this computer, they are a good option to maximize the use of the laptop (we include the links of purchase of each accessory):


The new 16-inch MacBook Pro includes a USB Type-C port, so it is possible to use this accessory that offers an excellent number of options to extend the connectivity of the notebook. An example is that it adds up to nine USB connections; includes HDMI; Ethernet; and even adds a card reader. A must for you to always use the accessories you have in your backpack.


LaCie STFS2000800

If you are one of those who use an external disk to carry information from one place to another, this LaCie model is an excellent option because it offers a storage capacity of 2 TB, an excellent brand, and connectivity includes everything What you may need: USB Type C and Type A. Security is even available through 256-bit AES encryption.

LaCie STFS2000800 external disk

i-Blason Case for MacBook Pro 16

If the integrity of the notebook is something that matters a lot to you, a case above is an excellent solution. This model does that the design of the equipment is not lost, since it is in sight, and offers additional protection in the corners to prevent possible blows. A good solution that fits like a glove on the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

i-Blason Case for MacBook Pro 16

Charmast Power Bank

This accessory is the most useful, since using Power Delivery technology allows you to charge the Apple laptop using the USB Type-C port that it includes. It does not reach a very high speed, but it is a good solution that is also compatible with smartphones. With an amperage of 20,800 mAh, it is certainly something that should not be missing in the backpack in which you carry the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Charmast Power Bank external battery