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Learn about security enhancements in Fall Creators Update

The new version of Windows not only brings improvements in terms of new functions and visual appearance, but also brings improvements in the section of operating system security, which is one of the most important factors in the computing of this century and almost all these news and improvementsWe found them in the Windows Defender Security Center,which is the neurological center of the operating system, at the same time that we will find some changes and the elimination of old protocols and certificates which were marked as insecure.

One of the new features that comes to the Windows Defender security center is theControl access to folders,Well, with this new function we can prevent certain non-trusted applications from modifying directories without our consent, such as ransomware.

Another improvement that comes to Windows 10 in this security section is theexploit protection,which is activated by default with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and is available in the Application Control section and browser under the name ofProtection against vulnerabilities.

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