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It was about time: You can customize swipe gestures in Gmail on iOS

You can save or mute emails with a single slide.


I am someone who uses both an Android phone and an iPhone, and having different functions and capabilities in the same app is annoying. As is the case with Gmail on my Android phone, where I can save, delete, throw away, designate as unread, move or mute individual emails by swiping left or right in my mailbox. It is a very convenient way to organize my emails with a single gesture. But on my iPhone, my only option was to delete the emails, no matter to which side I would swipe.

But hey, this changes today, March 28. Nine months after having introduced the function in Android, Gmail in iOS have gestures that can be customized. In addition to swiping, you can make a strong pressure (known as 3D Touch on some iPhone) or long press on a Gmail notification to invoke different options.

The function is available from March 28, but do not worry if you do not see the update immediately, since it takes a couple of days to be deployed to all users.


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