Install the Android P Contacts app!

Install the Android P Contacts app!

Android P is just around the corner and it is that applications are leaking to everything they give since we now have an application that you will love to install it on your device without any problem, officially arriving with the update of this new version.

We are talking about the Google contacts application which thanks to the update we will find is the new design material design 2 so that you give a unique style to your terminal, this application not only has a new design but you can also configure several parameters as per example import, export, restore, number blocking and of course accounts in which said contacts have been saved.

Also thanks to the application you can create backup copies of your contacts to access from anywhere, we also find the suggestions section in which you can restore a backup of all the contacts that have been stored in your account as well as save you the I work for those duplicate contacts since the application will combine this without any problem.

Actually this application is very good so we recommend installing it on your device, to install it we will leave you a direct link or so you can download it and install it on any device.

Download here