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iMove, the vehicle of the future may arrive in 2020

iMove will be the name of the Apple car, or at least your vehicle project. Much has been said about the alleged car that Apple will be designing and the rumors grow as time goes by.

Apple's car seems to be closer than we think: according to information published in The Guardian newspaper, Cupertino's company will be making inquiries about an old naval base used as a test track for connected cars, autonomous cars, and other technology vehicles.

However, Apple has not confirmed this information and has not said what kind of tests to try on the track GoMentum Station in Concord, from the town of San Francisco.

"We do not know. They have not said what they want to try. Maybe it's an iPhone"Jack Hall, program manager for connected and autonomous cars at GoMentum Station, told the news agency.

Rumors about Apple's car continue to growRumors continue to appear about iMove the Apple car: Now they talk about being tested on some vehicle and car tracks in San Francisco

The automaker promotes the former Concord naval base as an ideal place for automotive and technology companies that are developing new developments for connected and autonomous cars.

The installation of something more than 2,000 hectares have 32 kilometers of roads paved with viaducts, railway tunnels and crossings, according to the agency's website, which calls it "the largest safe test track in the world."

β€œThe installationhas all the infrastructureof a city, with buildings, streets and intersections,but without peopleβ€œHall indicated.

The Guardian newspaper was the first to report on the interest of the technology company in the facilities, citing emails that are in the public domain.

Another official of the transport authority told the newspaper that Apple insists on a confidentiality agreement that prevents it from giving information about theiMove, if it really is called the Apple car.

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