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Ideal to avoid laces

A few days ago Yunmai Good Light Official announced the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic which is aimed at helping you recover better after exercising and that don't have those annoying laces The next day. Fascia is a soft tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and internal organs, the exercise can cause a breakdown and muscle fatigue which causes pain and stiffness.

How does this Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro work?

The Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic through stimulation thanks to its strong and high frequency vibrations it can penetrate the tissues producing a deep massage causing the lactic acid to rapidly disintegrate which is generated after exercise, relaxing the muscle tissue that is stiff and in addition to that prevents the pain of the day after, the famous stiffness.

This massage gun It is intended for athletes or people who exercise a lot, but if you're just starting to serve you too, we can assure you that. On the other hand,prevents muscle adhesions, so this device is essential for sports lovers.

Features of the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro

Has a 60W high power motor and a high speed impact, as we talk about 3,200 rpm, as we said this gun is able to massage the muscles very deeply, reaching up to 12 mm deep. This device carries with it a 2,600 mAh battery, that is, if you use it 10 minutes a day, with a single charge you can use it for more than 2 months.

Massage Gun ProThe Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro comes with 4 heads for different areas

The gun it comes with four different heads, each with a specific function and area of ​​recommended use. Yunmai has done several studies on sports medicine and they have used their results in this gadget, has three levels of vibration that have been thoroughly experienced to be safe and effective For the human body.

The pistol is also equipped with an intelligent device that make it stop automatically after continuous use for 10 minutes. So you should not worry about using it for too long, this prevents you from accidentally giving your muscles or bones.

Price and availability

The sale price is 899 yuan (about 116). Currently, the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic It has not been launched to the global market. However, you may buy it from some Chinese online retailers.

In comparison with other massage guns on the market, Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic It offers a safer and more scientific massage solution for our body. In addition, it is not very expensive, so It is a good massage product that is worth buying.