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Huawei launch smartphones with HarmonyOS in 2020

Huawei will launch cell phones with HarmonyOS

Just a couple of weeks before the end of the year, we can say that one of the most unexpected, controversial movements and, above all, relevant, of 2019 in the world of mobile phones, was undoubtedly the veto imposed by the United States on Huawei.

The Chinese company was harmed, and much, by certain political movements carried out by the most important economy in the world, something that affected and much to the development of the company.

And while many believe that this was going to be resolved over the months, even we published several articles on this, the thing was not so. In fact, the president of HuaweiDr. Wang Chenglu, confirm that your new operating system, HarmonyOS, arrive very soon to your mobile.

Huawei launch mobile with HarmonyOS in 2020

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Thanks to a conference held in China, the respective president confirmed first of all the public that in 2020 you can see the first Huawei phones with HarmonyOS. In addition, it has made it clear that they do not want to leave Android completely, it is more, they will continue to bet on this system as a priority to include it in their phones.

On the other hand, Dr. Wang Chenglu has confirmed that Mobile phones with HarmonyOS will not only go on sale in ChinaThey will also appear in some international markets, although they have not yet specified what will be the passes they will receive with this operating system.

HarmonyOS be open source

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Like Android, HarmonyOS be open source, decision that has as main objective to encourage its adoption by other companies. Of course, it will be completely open source in August 2020.

It is still unknown if those phones launched by Huawei in 2019 could be updated to HarmonyOS. What is confirmed is that in 2020 you can start seeing terminals with that operating system. At the moment, Huawei has not mentioned what will be the smartphones that will reach the market with HarmonyOS.

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