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How to see your 9 most popular Instagram posts in 2019

For many, many, many, many years (not really many), every December we tell you how to do that collage that presumably you are already seeing on social networks, more specifically in Instagramwhere are they shown the publications that I like most have received during this 2019. Users make their particular look at the year and remember the best moments shared in the social network of photography.

Carry out this Top 9 Instagram is really simple and in this post, for the first time, we approach several methods for you to choose the one you prefer.

The Top 9 of Instagram personalized with your best photos of 2019

In recent years this process has become a tradition and there are few web pages that have sprung up due to the success of the invention. Therefore, we only bring you the ones we consider most reliable.

Previous requirements

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Those, Your account must be public to make this 2019 Instagram photo top since if you have it set as private, the software will not be able to see which photos have been the most popular of your profile.

To make it public Simply enter Instagram, scroll to your profile, touch the icon of three horizontal lines and access Configuration > Privacy > Account Privacy and deactivate the option Private account.

Then, once you have obtained your photo collage, you can set it back as private if you prefer.

Getting the top 2019 on the Best Nine website

top 2019 instagram

On the one hand we have, a veteran web page in this and to which we usually turn every year. It is totally free and does not require or login (as we do not give our password to anyone) or download any app.

  1. Go into
  2. Enter your Username (without @) in the bar where it says Instagram ID and hit GET.
  3. Wait to finish processing your request.

If you want, you can close the website and come back later in case it takes a long time to get the job done (request overload is usually the reason). You just have to re-enter your username to see if your Top 9 is ready or not.

Finally, you return the image and podrs download it to your device to hang it on Instagram or wherever you want. Additionally it also shows you other data such as the total number of likes that you received this year, for example.

Getting the top 2019 on the Top Nine website

top 2019 instagram

Another one that takes time on this is the website, it is perhaps faster than Best Nine to offer the results and it is also free and does not require a session.