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How to enable slow motion on any Android device

One of the most important features that is still exclusive to flagship Android devices is the ability to record videos in slow motion. While most of the other functions have been filtered to budget devices, the ability to record videos in slow motion is something that only flagship devices can perform. That said, while you cannot record slow-motion videos natively, there are certain third-party applications that allow you to add slow-motion effects to your recorded videos. With the help of these applications, you can record videos in slow motion on any Android device. If you are interested in this function, read on while we show you how to enable slow motion on any Android device:

Enable slow motion on any Android device

While there are a lot of third-party applications that promise to enable slow motion video recording, most of them are garbage. After trying several of these applications, we found that Slow Motion Video FX (free, with purchases within the application) is the best of all. In the next section, we will show you how you can use the application to enable slow motion video on your device:

Enabling slow motion video with slow motion video

  1. Once you have installed the Slow Motion Video FX application on your device, run it. Here, press the "Slow Motion FX" button. Now, select if you want to record a new video or apply a slow motion effect to an existing video . For the purposes of this article, we will select the "Choose movie" option.

2. Once the video has been imported, the application will give you a brief tutorial on how to use it. You can review the tutorial or skip it.
3. To use this application, all you need to know is that the editing is done on the timeline that is divided into two parts by a faint line. There are two points in the center that mark the beginning and the end of the effect. You can slide the points up and down to change the speed of the video. To enable slow motion video, make sure that both points are below the partition line. . The closer the points at the bottom are, the slower the video.

While it is not part of our original article, you should know that you can also speed up videos with the same application. To speed up your videos, in the editor, simply slide the dots over the partition line and not below it.

Other Android applications for slow motion video recording

While Slow Motion Video FX is my favorite application to use when applying slow motion video effects, it is not the only application that exists. Some of the other applications that have impressed me a lot include the Slow Inversion Video Player (free with purchases within the application) and the slow motion frame video player ( Free with purchases within the application). Actually, we have already published an article that details the best Android applications in slow motion that you should definitely check if you want to get more information about these applications.

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Record videos in slow motion on your Android device

While the slow-motion effect used by third-party applications will never be as good as those recorded natively by compatible phones, they allow you to produce an almost similar effect, which is very useful. Use this application and let us know if you liked your performance or not. Also, if there is an application you are already using and you think it is better than this, share your name along with the download link in the comments section below.