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How to draw a navideo reindeer 127 kilometers long with the bike

The reindeer that Anthony Hoyte drew outside London

Anthony Hoyte is English,
He is 51 years old and a bike lover. So much, as to get on it and walk the streets of
the outskirts of London for 9 hours, registering 127 kilometers of his journey in the Strava app, one of the many physical activity monitoring applications that allow to show, on a map, what was the path an athlete did during a training.

With a little ingenuity, you can draw
a gigantic silhouette at pure pace or pedaling, like a modern (and more pop) version of the Nazca lines.

The result, in this case: a nice Navideo reindeer, in tune with the little, and the third creation of Hoyte, who before made a snowman and a Santa Claus in previous years.

Hoyte is not the only one who entertains himself with these sporting challenges: Lenny Maughan is known
for something similar in San Francisco, although he makes his drawings running. In fact, this discipline is called GPS Art, or Strava Art.


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