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Google Maps, go to 'Incognito' for iPhone users

The secret incognito mode of the Chrome browser application is here for Google Maps users more concerned with privacy.

From Monday

The Google navigation application will allow iPhone users to use the same incognito mode of Chrome web browsing to disable activity tracking on Google Maps.

The function was launched in October for Android users.

Now that iOS is trapped

Users will be able to choose how much information about the places they have searched or browsed is stored and stored. To activate incognito mode, simply click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the application to activate and deactivate the mode.

Google revealed

For the first time the privacy settings in May at the Google I / O conference. When disabled, the application will remove any customization, such as restaurant recommendations based on other places you have visited.

Your location history will also be deleted, so you cannot look back where you have been.

Coming soon:

Mass deletions of the timeline. The timeline, due to lack of knowledge, uses your Location History to show a map of where you have been.

You will find it inside the “sandwich” icon that is to the left of the search bar. If you keep location tracking off when you are not using the application. Your timeline will show "no places visited." But, if you keep it on, you can now delete parts or all visited locations instead of one by one.

Like most Google tools

This feature will arrive first for Android next year. IPhone users will just have to wait, but you should already be used to that.