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Get fit thanks to your tablet


FitStar Personal Trainer: Get fit thanks to your tablet

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May 7, 2016

fitstar interface

On other occasions, we have talked about how the appearance of tablets and smartphones and also, of the applications, has transformed our lifestyle habits to levels that only 10 or 15 years ago, it was difficult to imagine. Now we can do dozens of daily tasks through our supports, from controlling our financial status to booking flights and hotels.

The world of sport It has also joined this revolution and we can find examples of this not only in the possibility of following the latest events such as football matches or tournaments of all kinds, but also thanks to applications such as Fitstar, which brings us closer to the gym and, thanks to the features that we now detail, intends to lead the apps of lifestyle within catalogs like Google Play.


The idea of Fitstar is simple. Depending on our preferences, we can configure training fully customized and available for both outdoor and home environments. On the other hand, it contains a wide variety of video tutorials with which we are explained how to do the different exercises as well as tips to lead an even healthier life. Another of its most outstanding functions is the fact that we can keep a record with all the sessions and see graphs with our progress.

fitstar app screen

Basic indicators

Being a sports app, it contains a series of elements common to almost all platforms of this type such as indicators of the heart rate, number of calories burned or stopwatches that show us the duration of each exercise. On the other hand, it allows us to create lists with the different routines grouped by muscles.


At first, FitStar does not have no cost. It has several free sessions that range from those aimed at an audience that has just begun to perform physical activity, to others focused on more advanced users. However, it requires integrated purchases that can reach 45 euros per item and also, the subscription to a Premium version It contains the rest of the functions and that nonetheless has been criticized by some users. It has more than half a million downloads.

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach