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Facebook, the official iPad app, is updated and significantly improved

The official Facebook application for iPad receives an update that improves its performance and fluidity. The app is one of the most downloaded from the App Store and the continuous complaints are making a dent in its developers, who recently presented an update in which the application was faster, especially in the loading of images. They also added a series of multi-touch gestures that make it easier to navigate the application and open and close the images. This time the update is aimed primarily at the internal Facebook chat.

Facebook, the giant's app, receives an Update

Thanks to the new update of Facebook for iPad You can share several photos with your favorite contacts and be chatting with others at the same time. Also now the photos will be sent faster than before, improving the fluidity of the application.

The new Facebook for iPad includes new multi-touch gestures where you can, by sliding your finger from right to left of the screen from anywhere in the application, see the list of friends who are currently connected and send them a message.

The application in its new update includes a follow-up of the friends and you will be able to see if they are available at the moment of sending them a message, so you will know if they can answer you as soon as possible. Do not let anyone tell you that you have not seen the message.

The Facebook menu has also added the possibility of Sort favorite friends with whom you have the most contact, being able to place them at the top of your lists. You will always have more to hand to send messages, photos …

Here tennis the video of Facebook for iPad:

Facebook is one of the most downloaded iPad applications, but probably also an application that we all complain about. The days pass and its developers constantly update the app but there are still many things we can not do from it. We are still waiting for an update where we can share the messages that others have posted without having to resort to third-party applications. However, they are on the right track and the application is becoming faster and more fluid.

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