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Download this game or Chuck Norris give you a spinning kick

Chuck Norris already has his own video game for smartphones. So you know, download it if you don't want to suffer the fearsome wrath.

We all know the mythical Chuck Norris. Bad tongues say that, in case of a zombie apocalypse, Norris would not have to survive: it would be the zombies who would have to start fearing for their non-life. Or that a cobra bit him on the leg, and that after five days of pain the cobra died. Some even say that Waldo is hiding by Chuck Norris.

Leaving all that aside, finally someone has dared to take a game of Chuck Norris. Nonstop Chuck Norris It is a game that has the courage to put the player in the skin of Ranger walker, and who dares to promote himself with phrases like «Everything is a weapon when you are Chuck Norris». What the hell are you waiting for to download it? That Chuck appears to give you a spinning kick?

Chuck Norris's game is as mythical as his character

Chuck Norris's game is as mythical as his character

What do you want to give a spinning kick? Go ahead, all yours. Use a stick of selfies to distribute milk right and left? Of course. Go killing enemies while wearing the clothes of the Mercenaries? It would be more. All this is nothing for the legend Beard and red hair.

Seriously now, this game is from flaregames, creators of Nonstop Knight. And let's be honest: it's the same game as Nonstop Knight. The only thing that changes is the setting, which uses the character of Chuck Norris to change the environment. We have three attacks next to the automatic attack, the character fights and advances only, and we can raise the level of the character to improve its characteristics.

A Nonstop Knight starring Chuck Norris

But beware, this is not a bad thing: Nonstop Knight is a very good game that hooks. You will get to squeak if you have already played the game for a long time. But, if you didn't know the game or if you liked the original, you will like this new version. And if you are a fan of the character, even more. Even pets have changed for memes from Internet.

In any case, Nonstop Chuck Norris this available for free on Google Play, although you have purchases within the application. Unless you have made a radical change you can earn enough by playing, they are not intrusive purchases.