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Cheap tablets, good and beautiful?

In the beginning were netbooks and this year the star device They are the tablets, and the Androids, I include myself, we like everything that our favorite operating system carries. Moreover, if we could install Android to our coffee maker we would install it only for the pleasure of seeing the green robot in our cafe, so the tablets that carry Android become devices that we coveted more and more.

The only drawback is that the geeks, by definition, are not usually people with a high purchasing power, from buying so much pots, so I bring you a compendium of medium-low price tablets. Of course, as the saying goes, Nobody gives hard four pesetas, so don't expect to see anything that is equal to Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Wits A81E 7 ″ Android 2.2

We have this tablet in two versions, one with Windows CE and another with Android 2.2, the one that interests us. The Android version is standard Froyo with access to Android Market, that not all tablets come standard, Google Maps with Integrated GPS and Bluetooth.

Inside carries a processor ARM A8 at 600Mhz, the same type of processor that mounts the Samsung Wave mobile, along with a memory 256Mb RAM. As internal storage carries 2GB Expandable by Micro SD up to 16GB.

Connectivity is Wifi, nothing from 3G, which restricts its portability, as does the drums which has an estimated duration of 6 to 6 hours with Wi-Fi or 7 to 10 without Wifi.

The screen has a size of 7 inches at 800 × 480 resolution, a good size, the problem is that the screen it is not capacitive, such as the Nexus, Galaxy and other mid-high-end phones, but it is resistivemust be done more pressure on the screen to respond and It is not so accurate.

This tablet has multilanguage support, the possibility to load your own cooked roms and play mp3 and mkv up 720p, that is hdready.

Have a price of € 189.00

The next tablet I want to present brings the version 2.1 Android on a Telechips8902 processor at 800Mhz which is the carry most of low-priced tablets. This tablet carries 128 Mb of Ram that I crave a little short for the execution of according to which applications and 2GB of internal storage expandable to 16GB through Sd.

Regarding communications, apart from the usual Wifi, it carries 3G connectivity, ideal for the mobility of this tablet that together 2500 milliampere battery, so that you can get an idea, the battery of the Nexus is 1400 MAh, you can give us a good autonomy time. The screen is an LCD of 7 inchesrevolution of 800 × 480 pixels and the negative part is that it is resistive.

It supports mp3 and mp4 multimedia files and mounts a stereo hifi speaker and a standard jack for headphones.

We can get it for a approximate price of $ 135

This tablet is a representative of the low range, is standard Android 1.5 running on a VIA VT8505 ARM926 400 MHz processor, which is what several mini netbook made in China usually carry as standard. Carries 256Mb of Ram memory with 2GB of internal storage expandable with Sd cards.