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BolaWrap: Batman-style gunship that proves America's police

The BolaWrap device is used by US police forces as a non-lethal weapon to contain individuals

Again, reality seems to be copying fiction: the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), in the United States, announced that it would begin testing a new device that seems taken
of a Batman movie.

Its about
BolaWrap, a mechanism that triggers a cable that can entangle an individual's torso or legs at a distance of up to 8 meters.

According to the authorities, the device, which about 200 LAPD police will begin testing from January, is intended to restrict the movement of potential fugitives, which will allow agents to take control measures without using force.

"If you use such a tool, it gives the agents time to deploy a secondary option," commented the chief of police of the Californian city of Bell, Carlos Islas,
according to the LA Times newspaper.

"Inevitably immobilize someone. It is a tool that has taken a long time to arrive," he added.

Islands commented that the device will only be used in specific circumstances, including cases in which people suffer from mental health problems.

However, civil rights groups have expressed concern about their potential use in a country where frequent abuses of police force against unarmed individuals have been reported.

The BolaWrap limits the movement of the person with a powerful ropeThe BolaWrap limits the movement of the person with a powerful rope

"Tools like these create the illusion that the police application will be less violent. The reality is that, as we have seen with electric shock and other lethal weapons, they will be used to expand police violence," said John Raphling, principal investigator of the organization
Human Rights Watch

"Instead of giving more power to the police, we should rethink what is the role of the police in our country," he added.

Adam Smith, a member of Black Lives Matter, a movement against violence against African Americans, expressed, for his part, concern that the new weapon will be used primarily in communities where minority groups live in the city.

What is the device?

The BolaWrap has two small spikes on each end of the straps that attach to a person when they make contactThe BolaWrap has two small countries at each end of the straps that attach to a person when they make contact

Wrap Technologies, the company that makes the weapon, describes it as "a hand held remote holding device that unloads an 8-meter ball-style Kevlar strap."

At the ends of the belt, shot at 156 meters per second, there are two small countries that adhere to a person when they make contact.

"The suspects are held with minimal or no pain, while agents are allowed to investigate the situation," the company says on its website.