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BLEACH Mobile 3D is pure blessed glory as ARPG

One of the most classic anime comes to your Android mobile with BLEACH Mobile 3D. An ARPG of those intense in which on screen will generate such dynamism in the fighting that will force you to play and play without rest.

Great job by KLabGames to reproduce the essence of japanese anime and that will lead you to live the story of a Shinigami Agent. Attention to the cinematic scenes and the thrilling action of some games in which you will handle your hero yourself and in which you will be able to release all kinds of skills before all kinds of numerous enemies.

With the original Japanese voices and the essence of anime

Bleach Anime 3D

We can almost say that we are facing one of the best arrivals of the year when we talk about a title that comes from Japanese anime and what is a combat game. The work in the illustration is glorious And if we add the original voices to this, you will have a Japanese experience generated from your mobile phone through the screen, for your visuals, and from the speakers or headphones, for the sound.

Bleach Anime 3D

He combat is very intense and they will teach you to take the first steps in a matter of seconds. You have a control stick to move your character and the various buttons to attack. We are not going to subtract the importance of that automatic part, although rather left to the missions and go to those points that will allow us to progress properly. But it is in combat that we advise you to do it manually for all the experience that it is.

Let's see, that is not something original and unique, but due to the shortage of this type of games, and above all when many prefer all automatic, BLEACH Mobile 3D is a success to dignify the ARPG while we wait for the Path of Exile and Immortal Devil; yes, more "westernized" and with a darker and darker tone.

The famous locations of BLEACH Mobile 3D

Bleach Anime 3D

For those who follow the anime and know BLEACH, you will find a lot of their surroundings and locations. We talk about Kurosaki Clinic, the Urahara store or the Rukon District itself. All this combined with a huge work in the visuals so that our mobile becomes the best device to enjoy the anime experience that was and is BLECH.

Bleach Anime 3D

You can control characters like Byakuya Kuchiki, Kenpachi Zaraki or Uryu Ishida and thus create the most powerful squad. Let's say you have not forgotten anything so that the experience is the best and this game is the perfect example of how to bring a manga or anime to the most concise screen of a mobile device.

It could also be called BLEACH Mobile 3D as an MMORPG for its multiplayer component and that we should not put aside. It also has that persistent point to find a multitude of players going to the mission points and then enter them.

Real-time multiplayer with PvP

Bleach Anime 3D