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Benefits to take into account in tablets made for gamers


Benefits to take into account in tablets made for gamers

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May 16, 2016

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The video game industry is a very attractive field for all the actors present in the consumer electronics sector. In recent years, this first area has been one of the few that has withstood the different economic conditions and has managed to grow to become one of the most powerful in the cultural world. Currently, not only the different platforms have been refined to offer unthinkable features until a few years ago, but also hundreds of games have emerged that have become authentic works of art by combining sound and visual elements typical of cinema and that , along with other factors, offer players unique experiences that are far from what we could see just a decade ago.

The manufacturers of tablets They have not wanted to ignore the opportunity offered by this industry, and therefore, in recent months we have not only seen large models or more focused on professionals, but also attended the launch of devices created specifically for gamers and that they pretend to be an alternative to the game consoles. However, in this regard, users must also take into account important aspects in order to fully enjoy their games. Next, we tell you what basic requirements You must have such a terminal to get the maximum performance possible.

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1. Screen and design

We start with the panel. In this sense, proportions are something to consider. Ideal screens should range between 8 and 10 inches. On the other hand, the resolution is another important aspect to take into account since we can have the best games but if they are not accompanied by an adequate sharpness, they can generate a frustrating experience. In this last aspect, the recommended minimum is approximately 2048 × 1536 pixels. In the design section, two aspects must be taken into account: The weight and location of the speakers. Currently, most terminals made for gamers do not exceed 400 grams. On the other hand, the audio output must come out from the back and front covers and not from the sides, as with some models.

2. Processor and GPU

Performance is another of the parameters that we must take into account when purchasing a tablet and in this section, we find two essential components: main processor, and the GPU or Graphic Processing Unit, which is responsible for optimizing the image and that it is generated correctly but mainly, to alleviate the chip load. A frequency higher than 1.8 Ghz approximately although the average is above 2. The most valued are those manufactured by Nvidia within the Tegra series. On the other hand, as for the GPU, the minimum speed should not fall below 600 MHz approximately.

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3. Memory

The RAM it is important to guarantee a good execution of the games since, the less processes are absorbing resources of this characteristic, there will be a greater performance. On other occasions, we have talked about an increase in this benefit and it is already possible to find tablets that exceed 6 GB. In the case of player terminals, the most appropriate is that do not get below 3. Refering to Storage capacity, because some of the most elaborate games need a lot of space, the most recommended is, on the one hand, to be above the 32 GB and on the other, that can be expanded by adding external cards.

4. Operating system and app catalog

Most player devices are equipped with the latest versions of Androidespecially the 6.0 . However, there are others such as the Razer Edge that own Windows instead of the green robot software. Those who use the first interface will have a higher number of available titles than those who handle Redmond's software. However, the latter are seeing how little by little the offer of available games expands.

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