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Apple Knight is a great action platform with apples to throw

Apple Knight is one of those platform games in which our character goes with his sword eliminating all kinds of enemies. A game set in the medieval and in which our character will use even apples to end those thugs who want to end his life.

A new title for Android that in a short time he has been able to generate enough attention to have many reviews and a very high average score. Everything is achieved by its great ability to generate a perfect platform experience and with everything we usually like when it comes to improving weapons, changing our character's outfit or obtaining new skills.

A pixelated character that coaxes

Apple knight

He pixel art is a widely used visual style on our phones and it is not easy to find games that delight in this style. Apple Knight, and especially its protagonist, has an exquisite touch in the design of the character and manages to coax us to know more about this new title for Android.

Apple knight

A visual style in which we have the great Stardew Valley as another great example and that we can continue to applaud in this Apple Knight. We are facing a pure action platforms in which apart from having double jumps, grab the walls and activate mechanisms of all kinds, our sword will be a great tool to eliminate the army of the devilish king.

Those swords can be improved and it will help us get rid of all those enemies that will make things a little difficult at the beginning. The curious thing about the weapons we have in our hand will be apples. Very fleshy shells, but they will have a very harmful effect on those magicians, warriors and more.

Very well designed worlds in Apple Knight

Apple knight

Apart from weapons, we also have the traps. We have to be careful to observe the surroundings that surround us, since there is much more than it seemed at first. These traps will allow us to eliminate those enemies that will be strategically placed so that our progress is more complicated and complex.

Apple knight

And of course, there is no lack of treasures, chests and those ads that when they are beaten, put us before the publicity. But behind it, and usually 30 seconds, we will offer rewards of all colors with coins, gems and more. As weapons can be improved, there is no need to pay to get better equipment. Well, it is normal for what we are used to, and here it is present.

Through those premium characters we reach the advertising ads and that they can become very constant. It is also understood that a game of such quality, and with so many facilities, spend a little to collect your reward based on the effort to have programmed and designed this nice and generous platforms. Those advertising chests can be used if we want, although between level and level there is advertising of about 20 seconds …

Bosses, pets or choose the gender of your protagonist

Apple knight