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Apple compares the new Russian law with the jailbreak

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<p>A few days ago we told you a law that Russia was about to pass by which c<strong>Any smartphone sold in the country must include Russian software installed</strong> in l. Apple is not very friendly that third parties can install software on their devices without their authorization and the iPhone sold worldwide arrive with exactly the same software installed, so this law may <strong>pose a serious problem for the boys of Cupertino</strong>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed the new legislation that requires all smart phones, computers and smart TVs sold in the country to be preinstalled with Russian software, according to reports Reuters. Apple seems to have ruled on it and compare this new law with the jailbreak.

Apple is not in the job of allowing Russia to install software on its devices

The creators of this law affirm that their function is that of help Russian developers compete better with foreign companies, since your apps will come preinstalled on the devices and will be a real alternative. In addition, it has also been presented as a way to prevent consumers from having to download software after buying a new device. Basically what Russia intends is that Russian mail apps, photo editing or even social networks and messenger apps are installed on the devices for Russian users to use them instead of the ones we all know.

According to The Moscow Times, the government develop a list of applications that you compare like Apple, Google, Samsung or Microsoft will need to pre-install on their devices to be sold in Russia. Likewise, a list will also be shared with all the devices that are required by law to install these apps. Normally, Apple’s iPhone, iPad and MacBook come into this list.

It is not clear how technology companies will react to this law, but it seems that Apple has threatened to withdraw from the Russian market If they are not allowed to sell their products without pre-installed applications, at least that is what Russian media have reported. In fact, an anonymous Apple source in theory has informed the newspaper of Kommersant and has compared this situation with the jailbreak:

β€œForcing us to add third-party applications to the Apple ecosystem will be equivalent to jailbreak. It will be a threat to security and the company cannot tolerate this type of risk. ”

In principle this new law enter into force on July 1, 2020 and most small stores have already criticized the law, we’ll see what the big companies like Apple think.